Enough with the doom and gloom

There are all sorts of issues and controversies and even dangers these days in public higher education–sometimes we forget about all the good that we do and all the good things that happen on a college campus–and that happen at William Paterson.

This last week was a good reminder of why a college campus is a great place to be.

We had a fantastic Homecoming week! The weather was just about ideal all week, and especially over the weekend. There were so many great activities and events that it simply was not possible to be at all or even see all of them.

The campus was decorated for school spirit–you can still see some of the very creative work done in the door decorating contest–head over to the Library before they clean up the door.

The Homecoming events this past weekend were fantastic (OK–yes, it would have been nice had the football team pulled out the win, but you still can’t complain about sitting in the sun on a Saturday afternoon in brand new stadium seating). The tailgate celebration and carnival were excellent–probably close to 800 people in attendance, having a great time (and having fun in a semi-orderly fashion as well!) out in the sun in Lot 5. The skies were clear so Jason Kendall was able to show off the planets and stars Saturday night. There were two excellent shows at Shea from University Performing Arts (where else but here at William Paterson can you have a nationally-renowned performer such as Ann Hampton Calloway give a great show–and have NY legend Christine Ebersole just happen to be in the audience and just happen to jump on stage for a number). The Art Gallery initiated a new activity Sunday afternoon, Dare to Pair, a mash-up event featuring alums (one a power-lifter and the other a sketch comedian). And at the Library on Sunday afternoon, Vince Parrillo presented his latest documentary for a good-sized public audience.

This is what happens at William Paterson all the time. So sometimes when we get all caught up in our troubles and struggles, it is good to note the positive that we do.