Spring Semester Begins!

And we are back!

The winter holidays are ending and we are set to take off at a run for spring semester.

I have heard from many of you that this past fall was busy, fast and seemed like we were all in a race–and we know that spring term will feel even quicker. As we move into spring term, I hope we will be able to continue the focus on student success–making sure our students are learning what we say they are learning, and that we are helping them reach their academic and personal goals.

In a few days we will all gather to listen to the President’s message to the community for this spring. I am sure she will highlight many of the successes we have had this past fall, and also remind us of the continuing challenges that await us.

One of the areas I hope we are able to spend a little more time with this spring–and in the future–is looking at our academic programs and curriculum.

Our world is always changing, and the needs of our students, as well as the tenets of many of our academic disciplines, continue to change as well. It will be important for us to think and act with both alacrity and foresight as we consider how we wish to continue to grow our academic offerings at a time of limited resources. This will be difficult, but we must keep responding to our world and we have to do so with the resources we have at hand.

So welcome to spring 2015–let the race begin.


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