Welcome to my blog site. I hope you take the time to stop in every so often–and I hope you also take the time to add a comment or two.

Why a blog? In a social media world that seems more and more image-based, why write words? Well–I like words. I like text. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but often words can be just as if not more powerful. Lincoln used 272 words in The Gettysburg Address–and those words remain powerful today.

But still–why this blog?

My academic background is communication. My M.A is in Speech Communication, and my doctorate is in Rhetorical Studies. I believe in communication, and I firmly believe that more communication is almost always better than less. I also know that, try as I might, I will never be able to always personally communicate one-to-one to everyone here at William Paterson. Though I may not be able to have that one-to-one conversation with you (and yes–I will keep attending department meetings, and dropping by at presentations, student activities and as many other events as I can), I can have a conversation with many of you in writing.

A blog is (or at least can be) more than a site for me to express my views and positions. A blog is (or should be) a conversation. That is what I hope with this blog. That in addition to talking and listening to you in person, we can also communicate through this media.

So–I hope that in your very busy world, you are able to stop by here every so often and have a chat.